Implementing creativity in IT since 2008

Turning ideas into reliable software based on solid technology

Unique skillset followed by years of experience
- we’ve got what it takes to deliver the solutions you need:
digital platforms for enterprise clients, business teams and developers.

Fusion of competencies

We’re a team of experienced, creative specialists developers, delivering low-level technology that responds to current trends and market challenges in key industries.

Cooperating with global clients, we stay flexible and open to different scenarios of business partnership.

Our team strives for the highest technological standards and takes responsibility for your data.

and cloud computing

Dedicated tools for data analysis and complex calculations.


Designing and implementing apps based on strong encryption algorithms and zero-knowledge servers.

Fintech, Blockchain,
Coniks, Erlang

Public and private solutions based on Blockchain, CONIKS and model dedicated protocols. We’re fluent in Erlang.

Dedicated editors
and interfaces

Intuitive editor software effective in working with complex data structures.

Software R&D

Implementing creativity and excellence in IT

With over 15 years of experience, we specialize in the design, development, and optimization of a wide range of software solutions. Our portfolio includes enterprise-level applications, decentralized fintech tools for managing contracts and transactions, as well as custom editors and computational tools. 
We have successfully delivered global collaborative projects and developed our own original products.

With our expertise in building sophisticated fintech tools, we have crafted a robust technology platform, empowering a privacy-driven solution to handle, authenticate, record, and examine finance-related transactions and contacts.

The platform is structured on the founding principles of Blockchain and CONIKS and features:
  • a high-performance matching engine for the exchange of derivatives;
  • original modifications to the Bitcoin protocol introducing deterministic hierarchical wallets (BIP32);
  • original implementations of a decentralized system of verifiable public databases;
  • independent public key infrastructure (web of trust) for an alternative private mail system;
  • a dedicated online fundraising system;
  • a virtual currency and a store for an international social network.
We use servers, cloud computing, qualitative and quantitative methods (numerical, formal deductive systems, solvers, genetic algorithms, neural networks), as well as dedicated user interfaces, DSLs and monitoring and testing tools.

Some noteworthy projects developed by our team include:
  • real-time processing of financial data in a decentralized system;
  • creating a computational cloud that cooperates with existing statistical software;
  • writing a genetic algorithm for automatic planning of resource usage;
  • building a system for parallelized OCR model learning and implementing formalities regarding complaint process;
  • analyzing dependency in bridge strategies using solvers, including Z3.
While working on dedicated editors we use both strict knowledge about the structures and soft skills. Among other things, we apply DSL (Domain Specific Languages), standard and specialized schematics and diagrams, Image recognition, barcode scanning, Augumented Reality, specialised HID and multimedia.

Experimenting in the field of computer user interface is a favourite part of our activity since the very beginning of Simplito.

Our experience includes running such projects as:
  • editing various structures within the audio user interface (applications for the visually impaired);
  • investment portfolio editor and the presentation of complex exchange data and business forecast;
  • editing of landing pages in a video-based recruitment system;
  • editing and playback of interactive educational content, including simulations;
  • mind-maps editor available in web browsers;
  • complaint inquiries builder;
  • tourist tours and bridge strategies editors etc.
Data privacy is essential. For years, we have been developing our own ecosystem of solutions for communication and teamwork based on strong end-to-end encryption, using zero-knowledge servers. We’ve build software with compact, deeply interconnected tools that make everyday work easier, boost productivity, improve the flow of information, and take care of data privacy.

Our experience in working with editors, interfaces and decentralized solutions was verified in the process of building the software that we now use at work on a daily basis - just as other teams all over the world.

We are especially proud of:
  • designing an architecture that embraces technologies and tools supporting projects for encrypted business applications;
  • applications based on this architecture, designed for customers in the financial and medical industry;
  • introducing additional encryption features to already existing software platforms.

Our products


An original ecosystem of business tools that protect all user data with end-to-end encryption technology.

A comprehensive suite of PrivMX applications includes compact, all-in-one software for internal team collaboration, a companion mobile app, and a tool for secure external communications and easy management of business relationships.

PrivMX applications are used by teams around the world. All are available as white-labeled products, ready to be deployed in the customer's environment.

Deep Fellow

Framework for creating dedicated, AI-powered virtual team members.

Private infrastructure, data collection, semantic databases, AI models, scripting engine, APIs - the toolkit offered by DeepFellow makes it easy for ML and app developers to create production-ready solutions.

Fintech Platform

Designed and maintained by our team, the scalable trading platform offers futures contracts and options.

It is developed using the ERLANG language and ranks among the most advanced and popular fintech solutions of its kind in the world.

Our team takes care of maintaining the functionality of the code and further technological development of the product.