Software Research
And Development

We design, analyze and prototype
dedicated software tools, algorithms and applications

The Simplito Company works with enterpreneurs and scientists in the fields of R&D, knowledge transfer and applications.

Our experience in Computer Science and Technology has allowed us to introduce, materialize and be part of many original ideas and ventures, not only in the ICT area.

Use our knowledge in your next project.

  • Encrypted e-mail and data sharing

    Alternative communication and storage system

    Our PrivMX Technology allowed us to create a decentralized, alternative, encrypted e-mail and data sharing system. It's designed for groups, easy to install and use. Learn more...

  • Fintech made with Erlang

    High performance financial software

    Trading on complex financial instruments? Contact us if you are interested in matching engines, real-time risk management, auto-liquidation or similar functionalities.

  • Simulations for Tin Can API LMS

    lean publishing platforms for education

    We know how to design and implement simulation engines. We've also built a modern LMS with TinCan (Experience) API support. Contact us if you plan to create or extend your educational software.

  • Aural User Interfaces

    Interactive Audio Platform

    Our audio games and applications have been used by thousands of users. We know how to use a computer without a monitor. Do you need efficient aural user interface for your system? We can help.


Software R&D Services

Innovative projects - we know how difficult they can be

Simplito specializes in software tools and algorithms' design and implementation. With almost 25 years of experience in Computer Science theory and practice, academic and business life, we can offer you wise technological R&D support during preparation and realization of your project.

We also offer consulting services for existing software. Simplito can analyze your software and help you in making decisions about it. We is ready to work under your NDA clauses and privacy tools.

If you're looking for a good team offering general software developement services - just contact Metacores. Simplito actively supports and takes part in the Metacores Platform.
Please read Metacores Case Studies - we were involved in most of those projects.


Our office is located in the Gothic Old Town of Toruń

Simplito sp. z o.o. (LLC)
ul. Królowej Jadwigi 7 lok 2
87-100 Toruń

Contact person:
Maciej Muszytowski email PGP

General email:

VAT PL 9562217643
KRS 0000305883