Quick, encrypted, remote backup – tar, gpg and ssh

If you want to make quick encrypted remote backup of your data, the only things you need are bash, tar, gpg and ssh.
“tar” packs your data into a single stream of bytes, “gpg” encrypts the stream and “ssh” remotely stores the encrypted stream to chosen file.

tar cv folder_to_backup | gpg -e -r gpg_user_id | ssh remote.host "cat > folder_backup.tar.gpg"

Note – you don’t need to compress “tar” stream as “gpg” during encryption compresses data for you.

PrivMX secure web mail

Two years ago, when we were looking at our prototype web application which encrypted messages, we decided that we would try to make it available to the public. Since then, we have had a lot of other work on our clients’ projects, but finally we have made it — PrivMX WebMail is available for download at privmx.com, since October 17th. We invite you to test the app — it is free and can be easily installed on your own web page. Web end-to-end encryption used in PrivMX WebMail allows also to create and use secure web forms.

Linked.PM – encrypted messages as clickable links and QR codes

We’ve published a small web application that encrypts messages and converts them into links and QR codes. After clicking the link and entering password you (or any recipient) can read the text hidden in that link. The program does not send messages to any servers. We invite you to test and look at the source code.

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