Transactions, ledgers and certificates

Managing contracts and transactions, their appropriate registration, access to them and subsequent analysis are mutually related challenges. They are dependent on the status and quality of the “trusted third party” which controls and mediates in the processing of operations.

In Simplito, we specialize in designing decentralized solutions based on the Blockchain and CONIKS ideas in which the need for privileged “trusted third party” is eliminated or marginalized. Transactional systems, public ledgers and cryptocurrencies are modeled through the introduction of specific communication protocols in a decentralized network.

We offer you our services of design, analysis and implementation of the following solutions:

based on the Blockchain idea (DLT, distributed ledger technology):

– verifiable, decentralized public ledgers of any data.
– Private blockchain-based applications for internal use by organizations.
– Verifiable certificates of ownership, evidences of events.
– Dedicated, distributed consensus, transaction and cryptocurrency protocols.
– Voting systems.
– Intelligent contracts.
– Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash (etc) applications.

Based on the CONIKS idea:

– systems of publicly verifiable, decentralized, private databases.
– Webs-of-trust.

Fintech solutions:

– efficient dedicated stock exchange engines (limit order book matching engine).
– Modeling of derivatives.
– Introducing support for cryptocurrencies to existing software.
– Processing and analysis of futures.
– DSLs for describing transactions and relationships between them.

Standard e-payment systems:

– designing of dedicated use models of e-payment systems (credit cards, bank transfers, sms) for internet services.
– Virtual currencies for efficient handling of micropayments.
– Implementations of cryptocurrency wallets (Bitcoin and others).


Examples of our previous engagement:

  • Bitcoin Core – our own modifications of the Bitcoin protocol introducing a deterministic hierarchical wallets (BIP32) and secure spipe protocol.
  • CONIKS – custom implementations of CONICS, decentralized system of publicly verifiable, private databases.
  • PrivMX PKI – an independent public key infrastructure.
  • Deribit – high-performance matching engine for derivatives exchange system.
  • Bilet Wnet (Wnet Ticket)- implementation of a dedicated system for collecting funds online.
  • Klango Points – virtual currency and digital-goods shop for international social networking software.
  • Cooperation with the university e-business club – e-payments, regional currencies…