Interactive editing and presentation of data

A good editor software is an effective and balanced tool which is easy to use. Such a tool is able to help in the difficult task of editing data with a complex structure.

Our approach to the design of editor software is to use “strict” mathematical knowledge about structures in conjunction with “soft” skills of observation, dialogue and empathy. Each new software project is for us, a challenge in the field of user interface. We appreciate and use standard, proven solutions, but we do not stop there. Development work and experiments in the field of computer user interface has been part of our activity since the beginning of our company.

We offer you our services:

– analysis of data and structures that require editing – combined with expectations of the editor software and the presentation environment.
– Designing the process of editing and presentation which is compatible with technologies used by your organization.
– Implementation of appropriate applications for desktop and mobile devices.

We use technologies and tools such as:

– standard and specialized schematics and diagrams characteristic in specific applications;
– 1d, grid, tree, graph and spatial skeletons;
– standard (mouse, keyboard) and special HID devices;
– DSL (Domain Specific Languages) – dedicated formal languages to assist in the description of characteristics, relationships and operations;
– image recognition, barcode scanning, augumented reality;
– multimedia – audio and video.


Examples of our previous work:

  • BusinessForecast – editing and presentation of statistical business forecasts.
  • Deribit – editing investment portfolios and presentation of complex exchange data.
  • Klango – editing various structures within the audio user interface (applications for visually impaired people).
  • Recruitment Without CV – editing of landing pages in a video-based recruitment system.
  • EduSim – editing and playback of interactive educational content, including simulations.
  • BridgeCaddie – bridge strategy editor.
  • Web mindmaps – mind-maps editor available in web browsers.
  • HunterSteps – editor of tourist tours.
  • Gwaranter – builder of complaint inquiries and an interface for scanning receipts