Calculations and algorithmics

Adequate preparation and carrying out of calculations are keys to their usefulness. As computer scientists and mathematicians we know this very well, and as designers – we can respectively take care of that.

A good tool for performing computations is the result of combining mathematical, algorithmic and system knowledge with imagination in the field of user interfaces. The Simplito Team is taking such challenges on, using its own knowledge and experience and through cooperation with selected experts.

We offer you our services:

– analysis of algorithmic and mathematical computational problems.
– Optimization of solutions and algorithms used in the company.
– Design and implementation of algorithms and tools for performing calculations, statistical and symbolic inferences.
– Working on any data – discrete, signal, graphic … Big Data.
– Planning and implementation of interoperability with existing systems.
– Assisting in selection of hardware.
– System administration.

We create and use the following tools:

– computational servers and clouds;
– parallel and distributed processing;
– qualitative and quantitative methods – numerical methods, formal deduction systems, solvers, genetic algorithms, neural networks;
– dedicated user interfaces and DSLs;
– monitoring tools and testing.


Examples of our previous engagement:

  • BusinessForecast – computational cloud cooperating with expert statistical software.
  • Deribit – processing of financial data in a decentralized system, in real time.
  • BridgeCaddie – analyzer of bridge strategies with the use of solvers, including Z3.
  • SimpliRadio – a genetic algorithm for automatic planning of resource usage.
  • Gwaranter – parallelized system for lerning of ocr modules.