Business applications with encryption

Maintaining and securing important business and customer data is a serious responsibility. The potential data leakage can be a problem for many firms.

In Simplito we specialize in the design and implementation of business applications which use strong end-to-end encryption and servers which have limited or zero knowledge about the data. All important data on such servers are encrypted and servers do not have access to decryption keys.

We design business software in accordance with the Privacy-By-Design approach – concern for data security is one of the main objectives of the project from the beginning and is permanently inscribed in its course. The use of such a rigorous approach does not limit the possible range of projects’ topics – thanks to solutions developed in Simplito.

Dedicated applications that we create as part of our services:

– can support all projects and processes in your company.
– Protect the internal electronic exchange of information and decision-making channels.
– Create secure channels of communication with customers and business partners.
– Increase the level of personal data protection.

Together with our customers, we:

– model the document flow and sharing using strong end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge servers.
– Set the individual balance between functionality, user convenience and data security. We determine precisely which data should be protected, and which can be read by admins, servers and other applications.
– Discuss and create SVDR-like (Secure Virtual Data Room) features.
– Adapt our software to work with other applications, technologies and servers used in client’s company.

We also:

– love minimalist approach to functionality, oriented to specific, clear use cases and positions of team members.
– Design specialized editors and user interface elements.
– Offer the possibility of creating decentralized software solutions and securing applications to be used via public internet access points.
– Use most secure and convenient user authentication (login) models.
– Provide administration and monitoring services for applications.


We are proud of our projects:

* PrivMX Architecture – technologies and tools designed to support the construction of encrypted business applications.
* Applications made so far, for customers in the financial and medical industry, which use the PrivMX architecture or its selected components.
* Introduction of additional encryption functionality to existing software platforms.