Our software

The vast majority of software designed and developed in Simplito is prepared for our customers — Cooperation and services. However, we also work on products that respond to our own needs and research. Examples of such software are described below.

PrivMX - alternative encrypted email and shared notesFor several years, we have been interested in encryption and data security. We designed the PrivMX Architecture, which helps us to create applications which use end-to-end encryption.

PrivMX WebMail, an alternative private mail system is a good example. This is the fastest way to launch secure communication channels in company or organization. PrivMX WebMail is free, for personal and commercial use.

PrivMX WebMail, an alternative private mail system

An online platform named “Recruitment Without CV” has been our proposal for a new approach to the process of recruitment. The employer puts the first three questions on a special web page, and candidates can leave their answers by recording a short video. The employer plays the videos back at any time, can ask more questions or arrange a meeting to continue the interview. The platform was created in 2011 slightly ahead of real demand for these types of tools. The service is currently not available on the open Internet.

Klango is our project in the field of interactive audio, launched 12 years ago. Initially, it was focused on creating computer games which use only sound – audio games targeted primarily at visually impaired people. The project developed with time – we have created a complete set of audio user interface elements. Consequently a number of utility, educational and network software has been created (Klango Network). The project has brought together thousands of users from around the world…

Some of our software is published on GitHub, eg .:

There are also applications and code snippets that are still waiting for publication, for example:

  • simpli-radio – internet radio station software which supports live broadcasting, automatical schedule programming, private content servers, media catalogues, icecast protocol, media playback reports etc.
  • ocr-lan-learn – a local network application designed for teams of neural network (ocr) trainers.
  • lindoc-grails – a simple tool for grails developers for generating a single file project documentation (using grailsdoc).