Linked.PM – encrypted messages as clickable links and QR codes

We’ve published a small web application that encrypts messages and converts them into links and QR codes. After clicking the link and entering password you (or any recipient) can read the text hidden in that link. The program does not send messages to any servers. We invite you to test and look at the source code.

Encrypted links and QR codes created by the application can, for example, be transferred via any non-secure communication channel (SMS, email, facebook, etc) or placed in documents.

Linked.PM runs in a web browser on your computer. Message and password are not transmitted or stored anywhere – the app uses the fact that browsers do not send the text which is located in the address after the “#” character. The encryption algorithm is AES with 256-bit key after 10,000 rounds PBKDF2.

The application is available at
The source code is published on Github: