Computer Science Lab

Software R&D is our daily work. In Simplito we understand how important knowledge is and how important a thorough understanding of the basics is, to achieve results. That is why we also teach students and work on scientific problems. This activity is the subject of our co-operation with the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun.

Currently, we’re preparing our offer regarding trainings. Please contact us for more info.

Here are a few details of our operations within the Simplito Computer Science Lab:

  • We are the authors of several scientific papers, including one doctoral dissertation. Theoretical Computer Science is the main topic for us – theory and models of concurrency, mathematical linguistics, algorithmics, data structures, and mathematical modeling of polymorphic data types. Examples of this work can be found here.
  • For several years we have been conducting functional programing classes. During our meetings students learn a variety of issues in the field of functional programming and thinking. During the course we mainly use Haskell, but participants can prepare their projects using other technologies. The curriculum is flexible — we change, and adjust it to the level of the audience.
  • We are often invited to teach C++ programming. Our classes prepare students for solving algorithmic problems using the C++ language.
  • Each year we help one student team in the Team Programming contest on the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. Besides sharing of knowledge we also help young developers in building their internal communication, division of competence and timeboxing – we calibrate their selection of tools and the scope of the project so that it is realizable in a fixed time.
  • We work with the student e-business interest group. We discuss and teach about blockchain technology.